Meet our Mission
Driven Co-Founders

Kiran Pasavedala

Co-Founder, CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and a Business Builder over the years with the proficiency in Software Development. A personality filled with well built instincts of entrepreneurship and the one who believes in accomplishing ingenious designs/projects with pre-eminent strategies.

Inflolabs (Co-founder and CEO)
Mojoreads (Co-founder and CTO)
Airbus (Innovation Manager) (Head of Backend)
Ubintel (Co-founder and CEO)
Kiran Pasavedala

Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Serial Entrepreneur possessing extensive experience in Software Sales and Marketing. Personifies the stardom, who is socially dynamic, successful at networking, charismatic and personally gregarious, while reaching out to customers with best algorithms as he believes that they are the precious resources and holds them as an asset.

Inflolabs (Co-founder and CMO)
Intandemly (Founder and CEO)
VP Sales (COMakeIT)
Kiran Pasavedala

Co-Founder, CTO

Serial Entrepreneur with 14+ years of experience in software and hardware development. Technocrat with few words but with loud mind where a deal of thoughtful ideas get ignited. Absolutely dominating and an influencer in the domain of technology, who believes in building new features and attributes rather hiring.

Inflolabs (Co-founder and CTEO)
Mojoreads (Co-founder and CIO)
Yahoo! (Technical Architect)
AMEX (Technical Architect)
Ubintel (Head of Hard)

Story of Revidd

Revidd is a flagship product of ‘Inflolabs’  and a brainchild of dynamic serial entrepreneur trio -Kiran, Naresh and Sampath who come from diverse technology and market research backgrounds and have a common goal of solving problems through cutting edge technologies. Being in the content domain for more than a decade, Video tech has been a very obvious step for the trio.It all started with an internal hackathon in Oct 2019 where every team member hacked through ideas in the space to videos.

Remush, an AI centric short video platform is a result of this thought. The product has been built in less than three months and received great acclaim in the industry for it’s cool features and power packed performance offered.

The grand success in the video technology domain through Remush boosted the confidence of the team to venture into B2B space through Revidd, a reliable and easy-to-use platform through which businesses grow by monetizing their content. It’s a problem that we personally faced and wanted to solve it for ourselves first. Our entire team is more proud than ever before with Revidd and be part of our customer success stories.


Here are our Dreamers and Achievers

We believe in a flat hierarchy and functioning in a holacratic system with no assigned roles. Ownership, flexibility, transparency and open communication allow us to choose and work on ideas we love the most. Our floor is always abuzz with ideas, engaging discussions and activity. Our team of youngsters is always up for an opportunity to demonstrate their excellent initiatives and as motivated individuals, the strong team culture resonates the thrive on building quality product as such.