Centralized CMS

Manage your entire platform across all devices, apps, and platforms, from a single admin panel. Whether you want to manage your content players or opt for different monetization options across devices, Revidd’s powerful CMS lets you do it all.

  • Organized Media Library

  • Powerful search and filtering

  • Content Ordering

  • Single Panel CMS

  • Access Management

Organized Media Library

Manage all content from one centralized page

Suitable for a library of any size, keep everything organised as you grow your business. Makes Video audit easier for businesses management and analysing produced content. A Video CMS makes the content Clutter-free experience.

Powerful search and filtering

Search through enormous content swiftly with the powerful inbuilt search in media library and content management pages. Additional tags and keyword based search on various objects to help you search by what you remember.

Advanced filtering capabilities on commonly used fields with a variety of conditions makes it easier to get to the required row that you are looking for.

Content ordering

Structure the media files as well as your content using sort on various fields. Manual sorting to let you arrange the content in your preferred way that does not go with automatic logic. Hide or show the data as you need using ‘Manage View’ to customize your screens. Powerful SEO capabilities on your content to make your content appear top in the search engine result pages.

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