Fully Managed Infrastructure

We have all the technology and tools ready to offer uninterrupted service to your consumers. We are simplifying video for your business. With revidd, you get a Fully Managed IT Infrastructure, right from Cloud based Servers, Storage, Transcoding Servers, Database, Firewall and a CDN!

  • Flexible and Scalable Infra

  • No downtimes

  • Ready to Deploy

  • Powerful CDN

Flexibility and Scaling

You can manage unexpected spikes and dips with ease using revidd.. With our infinite scalability option, we can meet the demands of your viewers instantly and provision for extra resources immediately and seamlessly whenever in need! Our plans can support UNLIMITED concurrent video viewers and can instantly scale to infinity as per demand.

Revidd offers a comprehensive & cost-effective solution where you only pay for what you use and gain more control over the prices you pay to deliver content without any upfront investment or binding contract commitments.

Powerful CDN

Revidd comes built-in with industry’s leading CDN that enhances end users' streaming experience by delivering your videos from the server closest to the viewer's location.

Revidd has implemented several performance optimizations that accelerate the delivery of your platform from the origin to your end users. Increasing the performance of your platform and lowering the buffer rate of videos and audio is our prime goal.

Zero downtime

With advanced load-balancing technology to handle surges and a robust infrastructure, revidd helps deliver an always uptime environment for all your streaming needs! Some of our plans our almost zero downtime and highest streaming speeds even in primetimes

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