Live Streaming

Revidd provides you the power and flexibility to live stream your events, festivals, games, sports through an end-to-end live streaming solution that delivers your content across the globe with ultra-low latency for an increasingly connected experience.

  • HLS and RMTP feeds

  • Embed live streaming

  • Stream multiple channels at once

  • Stream using any device

HLS and RMTP feeds

Revidd supports both RTMP and HLS feeds for your Live streaming service. Simply enter your live Feed URL in the backend and Revidd’s Video Player will embed the feed and play it back to the viewers immediately. No latency. High Quality.

One stop platform

With revidd, you and your users do not have to use different platforms for live streams and on-demand contents. With this connected platform everything is one place. Just let the users go watch what they want. You can set-up monetization plans of different types for the content, however.

Embed Live Streaming

Live streaming on your website is simple and easy with revidd. Let your viewers embed and share your Live Streaming feed. With a simple copy & paste process, you can share your Live Streaming with 3rd parties and let them embed your event or channel on their websites for wider reach that can be accessed from any device - desktops, mobile, tablets.

Convenient scheduling

With Revidd’s easy scheduling, you do not have to work out of your regular hours to support a live stream. Just configure the streaming details and schedule when this has to be aired. Let the system work for you. Simple!

Infrastructure is also designed to scale up and down automatically without any manual intervention.

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