Marketing & Analytics

Analyze and track the performance of all your video and audio content at minute level and details with our Analytics. Let the insights from analytics combined with powerful inbuilt marketing tools drive customer expansion and retention.

  • Automation based campaigns

  • Coupons and Loyalty bonuses

  • Social media integration

  • Self service reports

  • User behaviour analytics

Automated Campaigns

Through powerful email and push notification automations, run outbound campaigns to match your marketing strategies. Out-of-the box automated templates that are further customizable as per your choice. Reaching and engaging your customers or your prospects is a cakewalk.

Coupons and Vouchers

Create a feel in your users that you value them and make them feel special. With easy to generate coupons and vouchers, create them on the fly which the users can redeem in their purchases. There is nothing you lose as they turn your loyal customers only to bring in more revenues and referrals.

Self service reports

All the data that you need in very few clicks. Readily available reports to view and analyze with required filters. Content based reports, usage reports, location based reports, device based reports to give you a holistic picture.

User behaviour analytics

Revidd helps to track and optimize user’s behavior in your platform by enabling you with users’ attention span, drop-off rates, devices used, buffering time and viewing habits of users. You can filter by device, user location, browser and much more.

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