We take security seriously which is why we provide you a platform that is tested to defend itself against a host of security threats and is equipped with security features that help us protect you, your platform, your content and your users from various security threats and data leaks. We also ensure your copyrighted content is protected without unauthorized access through a variety of DRM techniques.

  • Geo-blocking

  • Rotating Encryption

  • DRM & Watermark

  • Server Level Security and Firewall


With Revidd, you can define where your content can be played. Be it due legal restrictions or local sentiments, when you have to restrict your content to certain geographies, you can simply create geo-restriction profiles and tag countries in them. Associate your media items with the profiles and your job is done.


Dynamic Watermarking offers better protection for your content over the web. A simple text or image can be overlaid on your content providing an added layer of security. Even if the content is exposed over the web illegally, it becomes easy to find out where it came from. You can also overlay your logo on top of the player to make your brand visible.

Server Side Security and Firewall

Securing web servers is a critical task enforcing tedious expertise and security protocols and Revidd provides it. Server level security and multi-level firewall, ensures your data is always safe and secure. Revidd conducts a host of tests and checks regularly like Penetration Testing & Security Audits to ensure high level of protection and has 24x7 security monitoring. There is rotational encryption that changes the security keys from time to time to ensure that your content is safe without any unauthorized access.

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