Live or recorded, give your participants the most effective means to engage.

Ready to build Connections

Host virtual events by inviting delegates and guests. Manage all aspects of your event from one dashboard.

Broadcast your event externally on video platforms like Twitter and Facebook

Personalized for Every Attendee

From building a personal agenda, selecting topics of interest upon registration, to content recommendations, customizable presentation layouts, viewer controls, and personal media collections, give your audience what they are looking for.

Revidd’s Virtual Events Platform enables personalization for all your stakeholders, from individual attendees to special groups such as speakers, executives and VIPs, analysts and press, sponsors, and organizer employees.

World class event, with no effort!

Preparing for events is an up-hill battle against time. With our platform, your team will be ready to invite guests and open booking within days of starting. Deliver impactful experience for your participants, by hosting on-demand live session and manage crowd of all sizes

Open the floor for questions, and engage visitors with quizzes, poles, and open ended questions. Create Meetup opportunities for your attendees by giving them a safe space to video chat with each other in HD, and securely exchange social links.

Help make connections with speakers and attendees while protecting private information of high value delegates by utilising our secure connection protocol.

Post Event

Record all your events in High Definition, to re-distribute to your event's attendees.

Include the event recording in your event plan, or charge your audience an extra fee to enjoy the recorded sessions. Our video centric platform is ready for everything you need.

Host and re-invite previous event participants with value filled content directly into their email boxes.

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start your video empire?